organic honey

Honey - Raw - Unpasteurized


At NF Farm Store we do honey right! Bees take the pollen from the flowers in our fields and pastures to make their golden nectar. Because we raise a variety of crops and have hay fields and pastures with different grasses and legumes the farm is in continuous bloom.


All this flowering means the bees do not have to travel farm to collect pollen. It also allows the bees to stay away from neighbouring farms that may be using harmful pesticides and GMO crops. Another benefit from the bees living in this environment is their honey tends to have a richer flavour opposed to honey made from pollinating operations such as just apples, or watermelon.


The other thing that sets our honey apart is the frequency that it is collected. Most beekeepers simply extract honey twice a year. We extract more frequently, which helps to capture the seasonal flavors present in the honey. 


Spring – everything to June 22nd.  The honey can contain maple, dandelion, apple, crabapple, dogwood, black locust plus a myriad of wildflowers. The honey is generally light, with medium sweetness and very subtly flavoured.


Early Summer – June 22nd to July 15th. Timed to capture the basswood (Linden) and sumac honey. Linden will lend a minty flavor to the honey. Sumac will lend a citrus flavor. This honey is light in colour and will sometimes have a slight green tinge to it. This honey will also have pollen from early clover (dutch white). 


Summer Clover – July 15th to approx Aug 22nd. The primary pollens are dutch white and sweet clover. This honey also contains nectar from milkweed, thistles, alfalfa, red clover, purple loosestrife, raspberries and various mints. It's light in color and very sweet. This is the honey that most people are used to. 


Late Summer – This has a heavier flavour than all the other honey varieties, which is from the goldenrod. It will also contain the tail end of the clover bloom and usually some alfalfa and aster (which can make it crystallize super fast). Colour is usually light to medium amber.


*Note: We do not stock all seasonal varities all the time