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All of the egg laying hens are allowed to go outside and scratch around in the dirt. We believe this is how chickens are meant to live. Besides that, in the spring, summer, and fall it gives them lots of free food to eat keeping our costs low and egg prices down. 


The hens are fed a layer ration as this helps to balance out their egg production and keep them laying regularly, however they also freely find grass, worms, bugs, grains, compost piles from the other animals to add to their diets. Allowing hens to run around outside keeps the hens healthy, happy and active. 


The results are eggs that not only taste better, look better and are healthier to eat. Since the 1970s, studies have indicated that eggs from hens with access to pasture are better for you than eggs from birds kept in cages. 


-    Pasture raised, free range chickens, on average, contained one-third of the       cholesterol and one-fourth of the saturated fat as conventional eggs. 

-    Studies found that free-range eggs contained up to 67% more vitamin A. 

-    Research found double the vitamin E in the eggs of grass-fed hens.

-    Higher amounts of omega-3s are found in free range eggs versus                     conventional eggs.



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