Our chicken is traditionally raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. 

The chickens are reared in mobile chicken tractors to protect them from predators and are fed a grain feed without the use of animal by-products. They are also allowed to eat as much grass, bugs, worms and outside food as they desire. The chickens have ample room to roam about and are not at all in cramped conditions. All our meat chickens (white rocks) are raised humanely with sustainable methods.


Benefits of Free Range Chicken

Pasture raised, free range chickens that are free to peck at grass and bugs are leaner and more flavorful. Pasture raised chicken meat has a healthier composition that is higher in vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids than its conventional counterparts. Pasture raised chickens also are unmatched by anything sold at the grocery store in terms of taste.


All of our chicken is processed at a local facility that is provincially regulated and inspected. This not only ensures the safety of the chicken but also helps us and the consumer support another local agricultural based business.


The Final Product


We do not add water or any other proteins to our free range chicken. We only sell pure free range chicken enabling us to give our customers a truly enjoyable and nutritious poultry that tastes as chicken should taste.



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Free Range Chicken

free range chicken
free range chicken
free range chicken
free range chicken