Bulk Lamb

Now you can get LAMB at NF Farm Store too!

Our pasture raised lamb are fed grass and grain and in our opinion taste better than just about any lamb out there. 

Ontario Lamb can be a little expensive to buy in the supermarket so why not skip the middle man and buy directly from the farm in bulk and save lots of money while trying a few cuts you might not normally get.

Want to know how our Lamb is raised and what choice is best for your family's needs? Checkout our information pages with more details on our Lamb.

All of the Lamb listed below is priced for the amount of Lamb you actually get in the box. We do not sell on hang weight to retail customers as it can be too confusing to people not used to buy this way although many butcher do still use the hang weight method. 

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Pasture Raised Lamb - Bulk Price

1/2 Lamb 15-20 Lbs. ............... $250

Full Lamb  35-40 Lbs.  ............... $495

*All prices are for cut & wrapped weight

The Lamb is cut into a standard cut of leg of lamb, lamb chops, rack of lamb, shanks, stew, ground lamb, & soup bones

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Bulk Lamb FAQ:

Q: Where's the Lam? 
A: You can pick up Lam at the farm for no fee. We can also ship the Lamb via courier at a cost depending on weight


Q: When do I pay for my Lamb?

A: Pay when you place your order, either online or at the farm store.


Q: How long does it take for my Lamb to be ready?

A: It usually takes 4 - 8 weeks from the time you order. We do not always have Lamb in bulk in stock as sometimes they are still growing in the field, but they don't take that long and we always have a batch on its way almost ready for the butcher. However if we just had one cut up and did not sell all the sides yet there may be one sitting here waiting to find a home in your freezer. Or it could take us a few weeks to get it booked at the butcher for slaughter and this can cause a longer wait time.

Q: I ordered my Lamb  X weeks ago do you have a time line on when it will be ready? 

A: We will contact you when it is ready for pick up, please do not send us Facebook messages, emails, texts, etc. asking when your Lamb is ready. We work our way down the list in the order in which people ordered. Once we pick the Lamb up from the butcher and sort it out  we contact the next people on the list and arrange for you to come pick it up. We are at the mercy of the butchers schedule, during the busy summer and fall seasons. Sometimes it can take us extra time to book in the Lamb with the butchers. 4-8 weeks waiting period is normal but can sometimes be longer. We appreciate your patience and understanding as well as your continued support for our small family farm. 


Q: Can I customize the cuts I get with my Lamb

A: The short answer is no. This is because dealing with butchers already takes up much more of our time then it should and the problems that can go wrong with each Lamb being cut different is not a feasible business model for us as a small family farm. As such we only offer a standard cut that 99% of our customers seem to be happy with (please read the rest of the FAQ for what is in the standard cut)  

Q: How much freezer room do I need for a full Lamb?
A: We have found that a stand up or 5 cu. ft. chest freezer is more than enough room to store your meat.

Q: What is the breakdown of what I will get in my  beef?
A: The Lamb is cut into a standard cut of leg of lamb, lamb chops, rack of lamb, shanks, stew, ground lamb, and bones 

Q: How is the meat packaged?
A: Almost all of the meat is wrapped in brown butcher paper. The ground lamb is in approximate 1 pound packs, , the stew is about 1 pound per pack, and the soup bones are 2 pound per pack.

Q: How old is your Lamb when it goes to the butcher?
A: The Lambs are 4-5 months old when they go to the butcher 

Q: What type of packaging does my Lamb come in? 

A: As a standard we have the Lamb wrapped in brown butcher paper. This paper is rated for 2 years in the freezer for most cuts and 6 months for ground products.  

Q: Can you ship my Lamb to me in Ontario?

A: Yes we can ship your Lamb to you anywhere in Ontario Canada. It will be packed in cooler boxes and shipped via courier. The cost will depend on how much Lamb you are ordering but will generally be a fairly reasonable cost via CanPar.


Q: Can I pick the cuts that I get in my Lamb?

A: We only offer a standard cut  1/2 or Full Lamb


Any other questions please Contact us